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St Louis Video is a professional business video production company in St. Louis, Missouri. We create and produce a myriad of different marketing videos for promotions, new product introductions, and online and remote training.

Video shooting crew setup on a St Louis barge marketing video
Video shooting crew setup on a St Louis barge marketing video

Our video production crew specializes in custom video production for businesses, non-profit organizations and associations.

We’re the St Louis video production company to call for saint louis video studios, connections, and crews.

From concept to completion, we are a service that is full production company in St Louis.  And we’re here to help. We offer many production that is video in st louis and experience in all areas.  We specialize in creative continuity for your entire production.  Your producer shall work on your project specifically until you are happy and the project is completed.  The producer works with you and the scriptwriter to position your service or brand to the market.  The producer works with the videographer and most often is also the director to direct the images to be gathered and taken.  The producer also reviews all the images and creates shot listings and adds them to the script.  From there your producer creates with the editor to narrow the focus and explain the whole story most efficiently and effectively.  Having your producer understand your position at the early stages is critical in growing and nurturing the continuity that is creative.

st louis video production | green screen studio taping | st louis music video
st louis video production | green screen studio taping | st louis music video

Full service production solutions:

Scriptwriting, Casting, & Scouting
Shooting — High Definition, Standard Definition & Film
Editing — Non-linear Editing
Audio Recording
Motion Graphics
Video Encoding for Web
DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring

Corporate branding videos are the key to building an effective image of your company and products.

With the right video content, you can increase customer engagement and strengthen your presence in the market. Let’s explore how corporate branding videos can be used to effectively build awareness around your mission and products.

Introduction to Corporate Branding Videos

In today’s day and age, it is equally important to build an online presence as it is to have a physical presence. A great way to do this is by creating corporate branding videos that showcase your company image and products in an interesting manner. Branding videos give viewers a chance to connect with your company and understand why you are different from the competition. By delivering this information concisely, you will be able to gain the attention of potential customers and create awareness for your brand.

Creating compelling content for a corporate branding video requires careful planning from inception to completion. It involves research of the target audience as well as a strategic approach in crafting the script, developing aesthetic visuals, and creating motion graphics. You should also ensure that you have great audio elements perfect for background music or voice-over narration that accentuates the message you want to convey. All of these aspects should be tailored appropriately based on where these videos will be displayed, either online or at physical events like trade shows or seminars.

The most decent way to communicate complicated messages regarding company offerings would be through story-telling while still maintaining connection with their identity which can all be captured through corporate branding videos done right. These powerful tools are an effective way to reach out to potential customers while also forming meaningful relationships with current ones; enabling better understanding into what makes your brand unique thus building brand loyalty and awareness among consumer bases effortlessly.

Benefits of Corporate Branding Videos

In today’s digital age, video is one of the most powerful tools for companies to cultivate relationships with their customers. Engaging and compelling Corporate Branding Videos are the perfect way to increase a company’s visibility, help its products stand out, and boost customer interest in their services.

When implemented correctly, corporate branding videos can have a number of benefits for businesses. Some of the most important include:

• Increasing brand awareness: Corporate branding videos can help spread a company’s message far and wide by increasing visibility across multiple platforms.

• Developing customer loyalty: By introducing both internal and external perspectives on their business and showing consumers the people behind the brand name, companies can build trust and establish strong customer relationships over time.

• Improving SEO results: Implementing corporate branding strategies into video campaigns can help improve organic search engine results while targeting new markets more effectively.

• Enhancing product demonstration: Creating clear and concise content with details about products or services through corporate branding videos is much more effective than using text or images alone when communicating product features in detail.

• Boosting sales figures: High-quality branded videos that attract customers to buy a particular product or service contribute greatly to sales growth and development for any organization.

Additionally, corporate branding videos provide an ideal platform for companies to establish themselves as leaders in their market sector by demonstrating expertise on specialized topics related to their business operations. These types of videos allow firms to display their knowledge openly while providing customers with a direct way of engaging with them online.

Tips for Creating Effective Corporate Branding Videos

Creating a corporate branding video can be a great way to introduce your target audience to your company and its products or services. When done right, these videos can help build an emotional connection with the viewer and boost brand awareness. Here are some tips to help you create an effective corporate branding video:

– Develop a clear message: Before you make any decisions about the look, feel or tone of the video it’s important to determine a clear message that communicates what you’re trying to say. This will be the focus of your video and all other decisions should be made in relation to it.

– Tell a story: Corporate branding videos should tell a story, connecting with viewers on an emotional level while also highlighting your product or service. You want to engage viewers in an entertaining and memorable way without making them feel like they are being sold something.

– Consider visuals: The visuals of your videos such as graphics, music and animation can have a huge impact on how your message is received. Keep in mind that often less is more; too much flashiness can distract from the core message of the video.

– Choose appropriate professionals: A significant investment should be made into hiring experienced professionals for both production and post-production work If possible hire well known professions who already have experience with this type of product.

– Keep it short: It is important to keep the length of the video reasonable so as not overwhelm viewers; three minutes is usually considered optimal for most corporate branding videos.

By following these tips, you will create engaging corporate branding videos that will leave lasting impressions and increase brand awareness among new audiences!

Examples of Successful Corporate Branding Videos

The power of the internet, coupled with the advancements in both tools and user experiences, has made it easier than ever before for companies to reach their audience through online marketing. One avenue that many companies have pursued in order to promote their brands is by creating corporate branding videos. A great corporate branding video should capture viewers’ attention and quickly convey a company’s message.

A successful corporate branding video combines an emotionally appealing message with stunning visuals to create a lasting impression on viewers. To get an idea of how this can be done, take a look at these examples of successful corporate branding videos from some of the world’s leading companies.

Apple: “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” Apple’s iconic “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” commercials demonstrate how opposites can heavily contrast one another, but still work perfectly together. The ad campaign cleverly used humor and friendly rivalry between PCs and Apple computers to introduce Apple as the cooler, more desirable option – and it worked! This campaign was very effective at helping cement Apple as an innovative leader in technology and design.

Google: “Google: Behind the Screen” In 2011, Google launched its “Behind the Screen” ad campaign to highlight the company culture that exists within its walls; where employees strive every day to make dreams become reality through imagination, hard work and collaboration. This emotional advertisement provided viewers with an inspirational insight into what goes inside Google—and emphasized how its employee-driven operations were linked Core Values such as “Provide Accessible Resources Everywhere For Everyone”.

Nike: “Just Do It – Dream Crazy” In 2018 Nike released its “Just Do It – Dream Crazy” commercial starring world-renowned athlete Colin Kaepernick as part of their 30th anniversary Just Do It campaign. By using Kaepernick—whose kneeling during the National Anthem sparked controversy but also served as an inspiring support for racial justice —the ad demonstrated that Nike was willing to take risks to remind people of all ages that they can do anything if they put their minds to it no matter what obstacles stand in their way . The commercial was acclaimed across social media driven by it being politically charged—ultimately making it one of Nike’s most successful campaigns ever.

Healthcare corporate branding multimedia production.

Strategies for Promoting Corporate Branding Videos

The way your company displays itself to the public affects its brand image and future success. Having a professional and cohesive corporate branding video is an excellent way to showcase your organization’s best attributes, generate interest and increase customer loyalty. Here are some strategies for promoting corporate branding videos:

1. Share the video on your website: Place the video front-and-center on your homepage so viewers can easily watch, share, and comment on it. Think about creating a landing page specifically for the video so it’s the only thing visitors can focus on when they arrive. This helps you maximize views by allowing people to quickly grasp the message from start to finish.

2. Post it across social media channels: Use social media posts to share promotional material such as blog posts, campaign messages or product announcements that support the corporate branding video. Try posting updates with concise text or visuals and reward people who watch with contests or special promotions.

3. Optimize YouTube settings: Optimize settings of videos posted on YouTube such as titles, descriptions and tags – enabling related content recommendations for viewers who might find them interesting after watching your corporate branding videos.

4 Utilize email campaigns: Send emails with direct links of short versions of corporate branding videos or highlights from full-length clips as part of company newsletters or other campaigns targeting customers or prospects that highlight key message points mentioned in those clips. You could also include links in those emails to provide more information about topics mentioned in those clips that might further engage potential customers with further reading material related to underlying themes within them (e.g., product information pages).

5 Incorporate into outward facing communications: Corporate branding videos can also be included within outward facing communications like press releases, advertisements and speeches as great ways to communicate key messages in an interesting format better than just text alone could ever do! Those clips can help businesses stand out amongst competitors while delivering a clear vision of what they have offer potential customers or investors by showing why they are better than their competitors — saving all the hassle associated with attempting to explain concepts through lengthy documents detailing products/services offered etc..

Location production for corporate product branding.
Location production for corporate product branding.

Challenges of Creating Corporate Branding Videos

Making a successful corporate branding video can be a challenge. It requires planning and the ability to effectively integrate a company image and products into an engaging narrative. There are several factors that go into creating effective corporate branding videos, including the target audience, production budget, script writing, and quality of editing.

Target Audience: To create a successful video that resonates with potential customers, one must be able to define their target audience. Knowing who one is trying to reach will play an important role in crafting the narrative and focus of the video. Having accurate data about the target’s demographic will help determine what type of content needs to be included in order for it to leave a lasting impression.

Production Budget: One must determine how much money is available for production before beginning work on any project involving branding videos. A well-crafted video should include great visuals, interesting animation sequences and high-quality audio, all of which require adequate funding if they’re going to properly convey the appropriate message.

Script Writing:The quality of a brand’s message can make or break its success when it comes to marketing efforts involving corporate branding videos. Scriptwriting requires skill as well as knowledge of best practices when it comes time to craft dialogue that’s interesting while still remaining professional enough for a business audience.

Quality & Editing: No matter how good the script may have been written or how much money was allotted for production costs—if there is poor editing done, chances are the final product won’t be effective in conveying its intended message whether on television or online media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Quality editing involves understanding ways of manipulating audio and visuals in order for them both to come together as seamless entertainment than viewers want to engage with.

Measuring the Impact of Corporate Branding Videos

When it comes to corporate branding videos, the end goal is most often to increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and inspire more conversions. To effectively track and measure the impact of a corporate branding video on overall brand performance, you need to identify the right metrics that you can use to accurately measure it.

Some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used measure the impact of a corporate branding video include: viewership metrics, engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR), average session duration and bounce rate for organic traffic. Viewership metrics provide an indication of how many people have seen your video content or participated in any related activities. Engagement rates show how interested viewers were in your marketing material – whether they commented, liked/disliked it or shared it with others. CTR tracks consumer behavior after viewing a video; especially when they click through to other pages on your website associated with that particular video. Average session duration tells you which segments of your audience are staying engaged with your content longer than others and bounce rate measures how many people abandon your page due to lack of relevant content.

Knowing these KPIs helps marketers understand how their campaigns are performing and can assist them in making better informed decisions about what works best for their audience and their objectives. Through analyzing these data points, organizations can gain insight into their current standing within specific markets as well as what needs further refinement in order to achieve success with their digital marketing efforts.


In conclusion, creating corporate branding videos is an effective way for companies to build awareness for their company image and products. These videos have the potential to be shared on social media networks in order to reach more people and cultivate a wider base of potential customers.

Crucially, corporate branding videos allow businesses to demonstrate their core values with visual storytelling and concise messaging so that their brand stands out from the competition. Corporate branding videos can help companies build trust with viewers while inspiring a sense of loyalty that leads to repeat sales and long-term brand recognition.

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