Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos to combat your labor shortage.

Finding the best talent.  Finding the right skill set, personality and culture fit for your firm.  A recruitment video sets up the tone of the business from the very beginning, allowing the viewer to decide quickly whether the application is worth their time. 

Diversity and inclusion videos to help attract and maintain the best talent for your company.

Sometimes, even in a one-to-one interview, it can be challenging for a candidate to get a real sense of the company culture.  What can your offer provide a good salary, good benefits or a flexible remote work policy?  Screening processes are including questions about vaccine status.

Recruitment videos are an asset to your company because it gives the world the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for what it’ll be like to work there.

Hiring younger talent and training them.  What about micro-degrees and mentorship?

What is the purpose of your recruitment video?  Let us help you create the right video tools for your communications for recruiting the right talent.

Finding the best talent for your company with recruitment videos.

Recruitment videos can give you an edge in attracting the best talent. You can show potential employees who you are and why they should choose to work with your company. Unlock the power of recruitment videos and get the perfect fit for your team!


Introducing recruitment videos into the hiring process can be an excellent way for your company to find great talent. Recruiting videos allow prospective candidates to gain an understanding of your workplace culture, the product or service you provide and the working environment. By creating a video that encompasses these elements, you can attract more qualified and interested candidates who are a great fit for openings within your company.

Recruitment videos not only provide potential job seekers with a comprehensive understanding of your brand, but they also showcase your company’s unique characteristics, the positive attributes that make it stand out from other organizations, and how prospective employees will benefit from working at your organization. Spending time researching and developing a quality recruitment video can help you reach out to those who are truly passionate about joining your team and create a close-knit relationship with each candidate.

In addition to describing the aspects of working for your company, recruitment videos should also include real-life examples of employee experiences so that job seekers feel connected to those who will potentially be their future colleagues. Discussion topics may include employee feedback on team dynamics, motivation and current projects. Through authentic stories shared by peers in similar roles and positions as potential new hires, viewers have greater exposure to critical points regarding job satisfaction – making them feel excited to join the team!

What is a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a short video or commercial created to help businesses find and attract the right people to fill job positions. It is designed to help companies reach out to a wider array of job seekers, while also providing them with an opportunity to showcase key aspects of their business and its culture through visuals.

Through creative visual elements, businesses can show potential candidates what makes their organization unique and why it may be the ideal work place for motivated professionals. An effective recruitment video will also highlight important information about the job opening, such as salary range, benefits packages, and even times of availability.

By creating an engaging recruitments video entrepreneurs can have maximum impact in drawing in talent from diverse locations and backgrounds.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos can be a powerful tool for employers seeking to promote their company culture, attract top talent, and increase diversity. Recruitment videos are short videos that succinctly introduce potential candidates to the organization’s mission and goals, workforce, facility and significance in the local community.

A well-crafted recruitment video will provide viewers with an inside look into the everyday operations of an organization and provide an accurate representation of its culture. The video should showcase why it’s a great place to work or learn, and present key benefits (career opportunities, training/development, competitive salaries/benefits).

Using recruitment videos serves multiple beneficial purposes when it comes to hiring. A recruitment video is a great way to get your message across in a short amount of time. With a production that is visually appealing and captivating, you can quickly reach potential applicants who otherwise wouldn’t have found your job postings.

Additionally, using a recruitment video allows companies to show off what makes them unique and different from competing organizations. You can show off employee stories that aren’t part of the job posting but are important factors in finding the right person for the job. Finally, showcasing diversity within an organization can be easily achieved with creative videography or through testimonials in which employees speak out about what they love most about working at their company – conveying an inclusive atmosphere can be essential when connecting with new candidates of varying backgrounds & experiences so as to build up diverse teams within any organization.

How to Create an Effective Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are a powerful tool for finding the best talent for positions in your company. They can be used to target a specific job, promote and represent your business, and showcase your current employees. Crafting effective recruitment videos requires an understanding of the target audience and what kind of message you want to communicate. Here are some key elements to consider as you create your recruitment video.

1. Storytelling: Stories engage viewers, making an emotional connection with them and creating an atmosphere that reflects the company’s culture. Whether it’s showcasing a current employee or narrating a story of how someone achieved success in your organization, storytelling gives viewers insight into the identity of your company and what it stands for.

2. Foundational Elements:The tone and pacing should be established early on to ensure that viewers stay engaged throughout the entire video. Use visuals such as graphics, animation and still images to emphasize key points along with testimonials from current or former employees. Position statements should provide clear expectations of what applicants can expect from working in your company so that they have an accurate perception before applying for the position.

3. Video Quality: Great technique will make all the difference when it comes to quality control – from shooting techniques such as lighting, framing, capturing movement and using proper audio techniques – which give a professional look to your video. Additionally post-production techniques such as color corrections, sound mixing can bring everything together into one cohesive package.

Ultimately creating an effective recruitment video means tailoring messages specifically suited to target audiences while also staying true to core values of the organization – giving job seekers more insight into their potential future with your company. With this approach recruiters will gain more qualified talent while also helping their companies stay competitive in ever-changing markets.

Tips for Making a Powerful Recruitment Video

Creating a dynamic recruitment video is an excellent way to introduce potential job seekers to your company’s mission and vision. It’s a great way to showcase the unique benefits of joining your organization, how you celebrate diversity and stand out from the competition. Recruitment videos are also perfect for remotely recruiting talented candidates from around the world.

In order to create an effective recruitment video that is sure to attract more talent, there are a few tips that should be taken into consideration:

  • Keep it brief. Your main goal is to capture their attention quickly, so keep your message concise yet informative.
  • Maintain consistency with branding. Showcase your corporate brand imagery throughout the recruitment video with logos and visuals, ensuring viewers know they’re looking at content produced by your company or organization.
  • Highlight employee stories. Showcase real employees talking candidly about why they enjoy working for your organization, as this will give job seekers insight into what it’s like to work there.
  • Include statistics and facts about growth opportunities and recognition offered at your company or organization. Knowing they have a chance for career advancement can be a powerful tool when attracting new talent from around the globe!
  • Include employee testimonials about unique workplace perks or advantages such as flex hours or office facilities that might make all the difference in choosing where their next job opportunity will come from!

Platforms to Publish Your Recruitment Video

In order to reach the widest audience possible with your recruitment videos, it is important to select the right platform for their publication. YouTube is a great choice for many companies as it is free and simple to use, but there are other platforms that may be more tailored to your particular industry such as Vimeo, Video Bucket or Wistia. Additionally, a company’s main website can be an ideal place for the video if they have access to web development tools such as WordPress or Wix.

It is also recommended to produce multiple versions of the recruitment video based on different lengths and graphics quality in order to accommodate viewers using varying Internet speeds. Additionally, you should consider optimizing your videos with meta-data including descriptive titles and keywords to improve search-ability. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are also useful for connecting with potential hires in an informal way.

Examples of Successful Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are an effective way to attract the best talent available. By creating a video that showcases the company’s mission, culture and values, potential applicants can gain an insight into what it would be like to work there. The right video can make all the difference in successful recruitment campaigns.

For inspiration and ideas, here are some effective examples of recruitment videos used by top companies around the world:

-Walmart: Walmart’s recruitment video features employees sharing stories of how they found success with the company, while highlighting Walmart’s commitment to employee satisfaction. The visuals add a unique perspective on each employee’s story and further illustrates why Walmart is such an attractive place to work.

-Google: Google’s recruitment video focuses on innovation and collaboration in its organisation. The aim of this video is to attract like-minded individuals who embody innovation and want to be part of a vibrant working environment where creativity is celebrated and encouraged every day.

-Microsoft: Microsoft’s recruitment video showcases its award-winning corporate campus—where employees receive benefits including top notch career development opportunities, access to top industry professionals, outstanding medical care and much more! By communicating its commitment to employee satisfaction through visually appealing visuals, Microsoft has successfully attracted innovative talent in recent years.

These examples serve as valuable lessons for those creating their own recruitment videos—demonstrating how important it is that a company’s core values are conveyed in their messaging, as well as how important visuals can be when showing off the tangible benefits of working at their organisation.


In conclusion, recruitment videos are a great way to get the attention of talented candidates and set your hiring process apart from other companies in your industry. They can help you become more creative and effective in delivering key messages that illustrate why potential hires should work with you. Recruitment videos can save you time and frustration during the recruiting process, while also helping you find the right candidates for your company.

With thoughtful content, strategic distribution, and clear calls-to-action within each video, you’ll be well on your way to making an impactful impression on potential hires and successfully filling that next job opening.