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Promotional video production services for manufacturing companies, service firms and product video advertising and public relations. We offer complete video production from video production taping to editing and post production. Production packages include filming crews, lighting gear, professional actors, make-up artists, green screen studio production, sound design, special video effects and professional multilingual translations.

We are often called upon by ad agencies and other video production companies to shoot their testimonials in St Louis; and we’re more than happy to help them. A customer testimonial is a great way to signal to potential clients that your product or service is trusted by their peers. You can do this with a text quote on your website, but a video of the customer is exponentially more effective. Humans are obsessed with human faces. The next time you watch a video, pay attention to the part of the screen you’re looking at. If there is a face in the shot, you’re almost definitely looking at it.

As more and more companies see the benefits of video production services – beyond just marketing that is digital demand for it has been increasing over the years. And the need for high-quality video within budget-friendly production is fueled by virtual training, recruiting, live events, and video being an asset that is essential a company’s marketing strategy.

Videos That Production Companies Create

Companies specializing in video production services can develop a variety that is wide of content. Full-service video production can create videos that will impress your audience, whether it’s for social media or email marketing. Rocketing your video marketing strategy to the level that is next.

Studio production with video camera and teleprompter operators
Studio production with video camera and teleprompter operators

Corporate Video Production Services
You may have flashbacks to long, boring, videos full of corporate jargon when you hear the phrase “corporate video. Well, these types of corporate videos are a plain thing of the past. Corporate videos are the perfect tool to share your company story and connect with your audience more deeply as well as help promote your services and products to a audience that is large.

In fact, these types of videos can be used to also:

Create corporate training videos
Grow your video marketing strategy
Maintain contact for internal project management
Highlight profiles of senior staff and employees
With that, here are some of the most common types of corporate video content you’ll come across with video production services:

Video production services preparing for a testimonial recording.
Video production services preparing for a testimonial recording.

Explainer Videos
You may or may not be familiar with the charged power of explainer videos. If you’re the latter, brace yourself. An astounding 96% of users watch videos that explain more about a service or product before deciding to make a purchase. And almost 90% of users use videos to help make decisions about products (that’s the charged power of video!)

Having a video explaining how a product that is new service works is a good way to attract future customers (especially when it comes time to launch!).

As you know, videos can help build trust and create an response that is emotional. But they can also give an look that is inside what it’s like working with you and your brand.

79% of consumers have looked at a video testimonial to get a sense of the ongoing company, product, or service.
About 2/3 of consumers report that they are more likely to buy after watching a video showing how a continuing business or product helped someone similar to themselves.
About 47% of people believe testimonial videos give them a better idea of how a service or product works.
Pro Tip Using “pre-scripted responses” can ruin your attempt at creating content that is authentic. Your final video will have a greater sense of authenticity if you ask questions that encourage a response that is conversational.

Recruitment Videos
You remember what an interview is like… Observing the working office space and people around you, feeling nervous. It’s a time that is daunting! Recruiting videos are the solution that is perfect these worries:

Showcase your culture
Describe your company’s mission and values
Promote a personal touch to your company
Communicate consistently with potential recruits
As an bonus that is added you’ll save time sifting through resumes. It will be much easier to find the right match you want to hire if you speak directly with the types of candidates.

Video Production Services
The term “live-action video” is pretty self-explanatory. It refers to any video content that is not animated. Video productions of this type typically involve casting talent or colleagues and are filmed on location.

You can use videos like this to showcase your company’s leadership or to demonstrate how your products work.

Pro Tip you can implement your storyboard easily by using the schedule and shots list you create in pre-production, bringing us to our next point…

How Do You Plan for Video Production?

We use the same three ‘P’s for corporate video production that we use in all of our other videos:

Though it’s often forgotten, there’s a‘P’ that is fourth. That is called the production brief.

A production brief serves as the backbone of your production. These should be prepared whether you’re producing the video in-house or a video that is professional company is being contracted.

There’s no need for lengthy production briefs (heck, they may not have a complete lot of creative details!). But they should address:

The purpose of the video you are producing
How you define your target audience (and please take the right time to get specific!)
The points that are key like to convey in the video
Where you’ll be hosting the video online (for use on your site, on presentations, social media ads, and videos that are promotional
In what ways do the video is expected by you to achieve its goals
We discuss the four Ps in more detail in our blog, Corporate Video Production: Using Video to Help Grow Your Business. There, you can get a breakdown that is detailed of to expect during each phase of production.

Producer setting up a shot for a corporate communications video.
Producer setting up a shot for a corporate communications video.

Video Production Companies: 3 Things To Consider
Hire Scalable Video Production Services
Scalable Video Production Services
You want a production company that can scale and handle everything at once if you have a lot of videos on your marketing calendar. This also means you won’t be time that is spending your brand every time you have a video to produce.

YOU decide when your video(s) should be produced, not the production company.

In order to help our clients increase production, we work alongside their internal production teams.

Work With a ongoing company that Has Variety In Video Styles
Nothing’s worse than a lack of originality. You know, making each product video look just like the next. Making your copywriting and design that is creative is key to holding the attention of your audience.

Your customers will likely lose interest if you blend in with others in you if you continuously use the same style of video every time – or. That’s why working with a ongoing company that has variety in its video production services is something important to consider!

Choose Video Production Services That Can Simplify subjects that are complicated
Simplify Complicated video
It’s no secret that there’s a lot of noise out there in the world that is online. Video helps communicate ideas that are complex succinct messaging and impactful visuals, cutting through the noise.

You want to choose a united team that’s well experienced in communicating brand messages clearly and effectively.

Call on us today, we’ve been in business since 1982 and can certainly help!
Rob Haller

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