Video Services

Promotional video production services for manufacturing companies, service firms and product video advertising and public relations. We offer complete video production from video production taping to editing and post production. Production packages include filming crews, lighting gear, professional actors, make-up artists, green screen studio production, sound design, special video effects and professional multilingual translations.

We are often called upon by ad agencies and other video production companies to shoot their testimonials in St Louis; and we’re more than happy to help them. A customer testimonial is a great way to signal to potential clients that your product or service is trusted by their peers. You can do this with a text quote on your website, but a video of the customer is exponentially more effective. Humans are obsessed with human faces. The next time you watch a video, pay attention to the part of the screen you’re looking at. If there is a face in the shot, you’re almost definitely looking at it.

Studio production with video camera and teleprompter operators
Studio production with video camera and teleprompter operators
Rob Haller

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