Professional, Commercial Headshots and Business Portraits.

Your marketing portrait should be professional, classic, and timeless to put your best face forward to your new and existing clients.

Don’t let your professional marketing image be negatively affected by an amateur looking snapshot. You are a professional…your portrait should be too!

Our executive headshot portraiture will improve your marketing image for business cards, newsletters, websites, social networking, sales staff portraits, and advertising.

Our pricing includes all the travel, setup time, shooting time, some editing/image calibration/Photoshop time and the delivery of the images on a website to download. When shooting on Location, it usually takes about an hour or less to set up the necessary lights and equipment in the book area you have selected and usually takes about 15-20 minutes a person. I do bring a laptop to view the images so we make sure we are getting what we need from each person. After the images are shot, we post all the images to a website for viewing.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer

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