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St Louis Video is a video production company based in south county St. Louis focused on creating engaging videos.  We partner with small businesses, nonprofits, and many diverse entrepreneurs, to bring high quality video production services to our clients.  We create corporate videos, commercial videos, testimonial videos, explainer videos, branded content and crowdfunding videos.  If you need a videographer our an entire production crew in St Louis, Missouri, contact us to get a free quote for next video production.

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Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer

Corporate Video Production in Saint Louis

Your Message. Our Vision. St Louis Video Production services begin with that concept – taking your corporate communication needs, applying our experience and creativity and making it come alive on screen. Since 1982 we have helped businesses communicate authentically and effectively. Think of us as an extension of your marketing department. We work with companies across the Midwest, the US and the World, making sure your message is communicated clearly and your audience sees you in the best light. We partner with our clients to sell, train, inform, motivate, educate, persuade and inspire with great results. Gliding our clients through all aspects of the corporate video production process.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer

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Here is another video production we created, one among many for this fine St. Louis Institution. We created a targeted marketing campaign for the online websites. We planned and shot four videos over the course of a week. About twenty percent was shot in our studio, and the balance on two additional locations. We provide web video SEO and surgically uploaded the customer for specific keywords they use in their promotional efforts. The project was a huge success and we picked up another project for four more productions!

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

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Our video production projects help sell, promote and train their intended audiences!
Corporate video training on the web helps you create the interactive experience you need for the education of your audience. We involve the visitor by asking them to click on something, and then can talk directly to them! Video is a great learning tool utilizing visual, auditory & motor skills making the entire experience more memorable.

Professional video production for your product, services or organization.

We’ll help guide you from concept to pre-production, shooting, editing, and finally to distribution on a creatively produced message.

Our video services are targeted to business owners and corporations who will benefit from a smaller video production company to edit their video. Our headquarters is in south St. Louis. All of our video post productions are done in house.

St Louis Video Production Services, Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer and Photographer, 314-892-1233. Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

St. Louis Video Production

Videotaping your tradeshow seminars in St. Louis is one of our production specialties. Let us videotape your next seminar or event. Our shooting team is well versed in testimonial video taping of your clients and guests. A little advance notice is great, but if you are under the gun and need it quickly, we can deliver. Whether you need one videographer or a small crew, we can help you.

St Louis Video

Video Production Company, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Rob Haller, St. Louis Video Producer


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The intended audience of your video must be interested in your production in order for it to be effective.  It’s important to determine the viewers concerns and hierarchy of needs.  Make a list of your benefits to the audience and how your product or service will help them solve their problems.  You might save them money or add improvements to their day to day lives.



Know your intended audience of your video production so that you too will stay on message.  This particular training video was going to be rather long so adding sound effects and interesting music throughout the video production kept up audience interest and participation in the live training sessions as well.


Mike Haller,

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st louis video production studio

st louis video production studio

When you are looking for a convenient and affordable studio to shoot your video project, our st louis video production studio is the perfect place for you. In our studio we can either create a customized set, or utilize the green screen to put you in the setting of your choice (indoors or out.) St Louis Green Screen Video Production can be a cost effective, visually creative way to produce your next video, sales presentation, testimonial, video newsletter or television commercial.


Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production

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We are a full service, st louis based video production company.  We produce video products for private and commercial purposes.  This video is created from still images from a recent brewery tour.  Many times multimedia video contains no actual raw footage of video, yet consists of still images that are edited with movement.

We produce many types of video production and multimedia services for st louis companies.

Event Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Broadcast Video Production

Webcast Video Production

Meeting Video Production

Marketing Video Production

Training Video Production

High Definition Video Production

Music Video Production


Hope Haller, St. Louis Video Producer